Apple Roses

  • Time:
    1 hr 30 min
  • Serves:
    6 apple roses

Rose shaped apple pastry with a touch of cinnamon.  This is a very simple recipe which tastes delicious and looks beautiful.


2 red apples
1/2 a lemon juice
bowl filled with water
3 tablespoons of apricot jam
2 tablespoons water
1 sheet puff pastry
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon icing sugar


Prepare a bowl filled with cold water, squeeze the lemon juice into the water and set aside.  Use a sieve to ensure that no seeds pass through.

apple rose - ingredientsapple rose - squeeze lemonapple rose - half the apple

Cut the apples in half and remove the core. Place the apple flat surface facing down and cut the apple into very thin slices starting from the top of the apple moving downwards.

apple rose - remove coreapple rose - thin slicesapple rose - thin slices

Place the thin slices of apple into the bowl of water and lemon and ensure that all apples slices are covered with liquid. Heat the bowl in the microwave for about 3 minutes, this will tender the apples. Use a sieve to drain out all the liquid from the apple slices. In a separate bowl add 2 tablespoons of water to the 3 tablespoons of jam and heat the mixture for about 1 minute in the microwave.

apple rose - dip slice into water apple rose - cook slices apple rose - heat apricot jam

In the meantime heat the oven to 190 degrees celsius.  Roll out the puff pastry to be very thin. Cut the pastry into rectangular stripes of around 30cm x 8cm.  One pastry strip per each rose apple. Spread the apricot mixture on each pastry rectangle leaving at least 2mm gap from the edges.

apple rose - puff pastry stipsapple rose - puff pastry stipsapple rose - jam

Place the apple slices on top of the dough slightly overlapping each other and allow the apple’s rounded edge to go beyond the pastry’s edge. Sprinkle cinnamon and optional some sugar on top of the apple slices.

apple rose - overlap apple apple rose - apple slices apple rose - sprinkle cinnamon

Fold the bottom part of the dough on top of the apple slices leaving the top rounded edges of the apples exposed.  Start from one of the edges and slightly roll, not too tight.  Seal the edges and viola’ the rose is ready.

apple rose - fold dough apple rose - roll doughapple rose

Transfer the apples into well grease muffin pan and place into the oven for around 40 minutes or until the edges turn golden brown.

apple rose - baked apple rose - baked apple rose - grease pan

Let the roses cool for about 10 minutes and remove from tin.  Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

apple roses apple rose apple roses

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