Coconut Balls

  • Time:
    30 minutes
  • Serves:
    26 coconut balls

A quick and easy recipe to prepare these delicious round chocolate flavored sweets covered with shreds of coconut   Traditionally prepared during Christmas period.


2 packets plain sweet biscuits (150 g Devon Morning Coffee)
2 tablespoons cocoa
400g condensed milk
1 shot brandy
walnuts (optional)
shredded coconut to cover


I love this recipe , it is very easy and the final coconut balls are very tasty.   Place the biscuits into a blender and crush the biscuits into tiny crumbs.

plain biscuits - coconut ballscrushed biscuits - coconut ballsingredients - coconut balls


Add the cocoa and coconut and stir until combined. Add the shot of brandy and condensed milk while stirring with a wooden spoon.  Stir until all the ingredients are well combine and they form a sticky paste.

biscuits, cocoa, coconut - coconut ballspour condensed milk - coconut ballscoconut balls paste


Prepare a bowl with coconut and set it aside.  Cut small pieces from the pasty (around a tablespoon) roll it between the palms of your hands to form a ball.  Optionally you can  place a walnut in the center of the ball.  Drop the ball in the coconut bowl and shake well until all the ball is cover with coconut.  You can server them immediately or store them in a cool place before serving.

coconut ball - cut piece from pastrycoconut ball - add hazelnutcoconut balls - cover with coconut

You can server them immediately or store them in a cool place before serving.

coconut ballscoconut ballscoconut balls


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  1. david says:

    they look and tasted delicious 🙂
    well done